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Hi! How are you doing?

We are doing great. Antigone and I, that is. And Wayne. Wayne is Antigone's baby. The father is George, the chihuahua. You may see photographs of Antigone - And Wayne And Me by clicking here. The photographs are in chronological order from Wayne's first day to Wayne at 6 months.

Also visit Antigone and me, but mostly Antigone.

See Antigone in a commercial. (Just kidding! But it is an entertaining commerical.)



My history interests are primarily concentrated on 17th through early 18th centuries with a focus on the eighteenth century Georgia of John Zubly and other men and women of religion

My interest in the Rev. Zubly has blossomed into a fascination with Calvinism and religion in general.

My intent with this site is to use it as a forum for the results of my research in the history of Calvinism and religion in 18th century America and other topics.


quotations from jim schmidt...

"Who says you can't teach an old dinosaur new tricks."

"We believe that to be true which was not true before we believed it."


Antigone is my best friend and companion. You may see more of her here.