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John J. Zubly

John Joachim Zubly (1724-1781) was a Calvinist minister who was the first pastor of the Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah Georgia. He was a religious leader known throughout the colonies.   The Rev. Zubly was a revolutionary pamphleteer whose broadsides supporting the colonies in their disputes with Britain were widely distributed on both sides of the Atlantic.    He was a representative from Georgia to the Second Continental Congress.   Notwithstanding his fame and importance during the years of 1750 through 1775, he is all but forgotten today because he became a loyalist when he found that he was unable to support the war for independence from Britain.


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"There are some points in government which perhaps are best never touched upon, but when any question once becomes the subject of publik debate, strength of reason is the sole authority that with men of reason can determine the matter."

John J. Zubly